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Nonwoven – The Fight for Better Health Care

Disposable Nonwoven in India:
Opportunities @ present & post COVID-19 crisis

* Affecting hundreds of thousands of people around the world, the coronavirus pandemic has hit businesses really hard. Stock markets have continued to crash globally, and businesses running on limited resources and supply amid fear and panic. Almost every sector is bearing the brunt of the crisis.

* We all know that this pandemic is hurting and affecting each and everyone’s lives globally. But as it has been said always whenever humanity is facing this kind of difficult a time that ‘This too shall pass’, let’s believe in this phrase and start working on the opportunities that lie in the problem that we all are facing or the new ones that will be there once we prevail through this tough time.
We will like to share some of the facts and findings that we have come across from different studies & sources related to Non-woven sector and majorly about ‘Disposable Non-woven’ with an aim of boosting the morale of our sector and apparently which can make us remain optimistic in this time of global crisis.

* The worst-hit sectors due to COVID-19 are:

             I.           Aviation
           II.          Travel & Tourism
         III.          Travel tech
         IV.          Retail
           V.          MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions)

* On the contrary as per the present scenario the best-positioned sectors are:

           I.          Enterprise Tech
          II.        Medical Hygiene
        III.        Personal Hygiene

We all know that Medical and personal hygiene are the essential and the fastest growing sectors in terms of consumption of Disposable Non-wovens in India.

* Due to the consumer hysteria amid the panic of COVID-19 the growing demand and limited supply for hand sanitizers and facial masks, the prices of such products have spiked to record levels.

* The data shows that online popularity of facial masks in India has surpassed the United States by 4th of March 2020. We can relate this to the hysteria but we should also not neglect the sense of awareness and precaution that is seen in the people of India.

* The implication of Non-woven in hygiene segment:
A)  All Types of Diapers
B)    Fem Care.
C)  Adult Incontinence.

* The implication of Non-woven in Medical application segment:

A)  Surgical drapes.
B) Surgical gowns.
C) Instrument wraps.
D) Face masks.
E) Bandages.
F) Sponges.
G) Wipes

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